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DittoWe are so glad that we found you at the Brea Farmers Market. We have been happy customers since our little Jack Russell dog wolfed down her first doggie dinner!

Our dog Ditto is 14 years old now and has never been interested in food before. We could never train her with treats because she didn?t even want them. We played ball with her instead to reinforce her good behaviors. Ditto ate a high quality kibble before we found doggie dinners. She ate a few bites here and there and lost weight if she was under any stress. She has very rarely even been tempted Dittoby anything we would give her off our plate. Doggie dinners are different! We were sold on the product as soon as we put it in her bowl, she sniffed it, and she ate it all up! She only eats a healthy amount and has not become overweight with the Doggie dinners, but she enjoys her meals. She will even stand and stare at her bowl if we need a reminder that it is dinner time! In January of this year Ditto suffered a pinched nerve in her back and was in severe pain. The vet did extensive tests. Ditto had to be sedated, treated for pain, and given muscle relaxers for 3 weeks. When the 3 weeks of meds were finished and her back was on the mend, our 10 lb. dog was only 8lbs.! The vet said that her life was at risk at such a low weight. She was listless and didn?t have the strength to eat much. Fortunately we mentioned Dittos problem when we came to the DittoFarmers Market to pick up her meals. We learned that the pork dinner has more calories per meal. We tried this new idea and Ditto began to gain weight and strength almost immediately! We are glad to say that Ditto is maintaining her 10lb. weight and dragging us by her leash down the street on her daily walks again!

The vet has run blood panels on Ditto at regular intervals and reports that her diet is working wonders inside as well! We could not be more pleased with Doggie Dinners! Ditto has been a best friend for 14 years. She has stood with us through some difficult times and always kepther sense of humor. She makes us laugh. She is worth it!

PS: The picture that has the sun in it is her RUNNING home to dinner time. Which last month she was slowly? walking.


Thank you again, Greg and Becky Haslett




MisoThank you, Thank you, Thank you! We are so glad that we tried OC Doggie Dinners for our 4 year old Shih Tzu, Miso. Ever since we started him on your food exclusively, we have noticed such a positive change in his well-being. His eyes are sparkle constantly and he seems to have much more energy than before we switched to OC Doggie Dinners. Another great change is that potty time is much more regular for him. We wish you continued success and look forward to passing the word to all of our friends about the quality of your products and services. Miso looks forward to every meal and there is never anything left in his bowl after he digs in.

Thank you!!


Tim & Lorraine Devlin Fullerton CA



MaggyI was so excited to find OCDoggie Dinners food at the PetExpo where I met Rick and bought a sample pack. My 7 year old miniature schnauzer, Maggy, has done extremely well on the homemade?all-natural food. I feel great knowing that the food is without additives, preservatives, fillers, or synthetic ingredients. My goal is to cherish Maggy and keep her healthy in every way possible. Rick's customer service is great, and I was paying the same amount of money for canned high-grade food with preservatives in it, so OCDoggie Dinners is my find of the decade for sure!


Karen, Yorba Linda CA


5/2/2010 Amber

AmberAmber was a stray, found at 9 months and now 3 1/2 years old.?She has been on OC Doggie Dinners for
almost a year, and is doing very well.?She still likes the crunchies, so gets either turkey or chicken on top of her kibbles and is very happy.?She is on this food because I did not feel right giving her canned dog food, wondering what?I was?really feeding her.?She?is not on?OC Doggie Dinners?for?any health issues.?She is a happy girl and I constantly get comments on her beautiful coat. Sincerely,?

Kathie Kingett, DC



WhippetsBetween the intestinal issues with my older dog and the food allergies with my younger dog, the only option available was to cook for them. Being Whippets, that meant 30 pound batches of food every couple of weeks. It was worth it to see them healthy, but some times it was a challenge to find the time. As a canine massage therapist and wellness counselor, I was very particular about the quality and proportions of the various components - using suggested recipe composition from leading holistic veterinarians. Then, I found OC DoggieDinners. His recipes closely mirrored the same ones I used as a foundation. I have complete confidence in the quality of the ingredients and the consistent manufacturing methods that are used to prepare the meals - such as human grade meat, sweet potatoes cooked from scratch and real (not canned) green beans. Originally, my plan was to supplement my own efforts by using OC DoggieDinners as a backup. But - I don't cook at all anymore! Thanks to OC DoggieDinners, I spend less time making food and more time with my precious pups.

Karen Garza, Co-Owner of AllWays Dogz Canine Wellness Center



RileyOne year ago our now 6 year old Parti Pom Riley was diagnosed with cancer, specifically hemangiosarcoma. Our Vet referred us to a Specialty Surgical Center in San Diego...Riley's tumor was removed and given a rather grim prognosis by the Surgeon (stating this type of cancer would likely return in 4-6 months, spread rapidly and he would pass quickly). Our Vet (also a cancer survivor) Rileysuggested we discontinue any processed store bought dog food and feed him only fresh cooked human food along with some supplements. I started cooking different recipes and unfortunately Riley turned his nose up to everything I cooked...needless to say I was growing weary and tired from cooking, not to mention the waste of food. In the interim I was feeding him baby food (seemed like the only thing he would eat, also extremely high in calories).?I decided to do some research and came across OC Doggie Dinners (was quite impressed with the story as well as ingredients) and decided to try the meals...Riley seemed to like the meals and so the story goes...it's been several months now, he's still with us & eating well. We also acquired a Chihuahua in July...Molly is now 6 1/2 months old and has been eating OC Doggie Dinners from the day we brought her home at 9 weeks of age....she is now a healthy 7 lbs. Our Riley so far has beat all odds and to date is still cancer free....since the addition of these dinners as well as Molly, he has gained a new life...happy & spunky...our once finicky eater now looks forward to and enjoys his meals each and every day. I guess he didn't like my cooking :)... we are ever so grateful to have found Rick and OC Doggie Dinners...these dinners are so fresh, full of nutrition, look & smell wonderful too!?Thanks so much for all your hard work, time and help.

A forever grateful family in Menifee......Mike, Selma, Riley & Molly



LacyMeet Lacey, our new addition...we adopted her almost 2 weeks ago...she?s a BIG girl at 11 1/2 lbs (but then Molly is a BIG Chihuahua at 10 1/2 lbs...YIKES!)....Molly seems happy to have a playmate and is even eating a little better...YaaaaY! (I know it?s out of fear that Lacey will eat her food...but whatever it takes!)?Lacey, on the other hand eats anything you give her...she seems to really like the dinners and I have been mixing a little bit of her dry food in it to transition her....so far, so good!?She has a very sweet nature but still is a little skittish and shy...I?ve been working with her and hopefully she will overcome her fears and learn to trust us....every day gets a little bit better.?Her name was Pattycakes...but we changed it to Lacey....she already responds to her new name just like it?s all she ever knew....so there is hope to change the other issues.?Trying to make a lady out of her....hence, the cute dress (she borrowed it from Molly?s closet...LOL!)...she didn?t chew it off, so again....there is hope....LOL!?.....

Selma, Molly & Lacey (& Mike too!)



DogWe were introduced to ocdoggiedinners @ a time when my 2 year old Pomeranian was battling some serious health issues. She had lost her spunk, and gained a lot of weight. We had tried many commercial foods for weight loss. We also tried prescription weight loss diets. Nothing improved the quality of her life or helped her lose the weight. Thankfully, we decided to give Ocdoggiedinners a try. All three of our dogs loved it, and our Pomeranian started to change. She started to shed the weight, but gained her spirit and spunk back. She lost about 3-4 pounds. Family members began to comment on how great she looked, and how active she was. They could not believe it. I always explain that we have to credit her new figure and her new puppy attitude to the wholesome food she eats from ocdoggiedinners. Thank you so much for educating us!

Stacey, Dan, Yogi, Tula and Sami Keene