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I am Rick, dog parent, dog lover.

We bought Katie from a pet store. She was a 4 month old beautiful Border Collie. We were smitten to say the least.

Next we acquired Pooh Bear a 5 month old mix of West Highland Terrier and Poodle, a cutie for sure. Our family was complete, or so we thought.


Then our grown daughter needed us to take care of her pet "son". Wow! Entered the huge personality of Mozart, a handsome black Scottish Terrier. Mozart was plagued with some gastro problems. His vet said when he is sick to feed him chicken and rice, for easier digestion. (Some times? Why not all the time? )


Our dog children were eating commercial dry and canned foods, the best available, we thought.

Katie had bad hips and needed bi-lateral hip surgery. She gained weight during this period. Her vet placed her on an expensive prescription dry dog food. Katie started losing weight, and losing weight. She began vomiting and diarrhea. We remembered that Mozart's past vet had suggested cooking chicken and rice for better digestion. This helped Katie. We went online and began to read, and read about the benefits of cooking your pet's food, homemade. Next, Katie had exploratory surgery. Then, the worse is diagnosed, stomach cancer. She survived longer than they said she would, surviving on shredded cooked chicken and rice. Sadly she passed on 12-04-03.

Pooh had begun to have a severe problem we could not understand, low blood platelets, she could die. The vet put her on a prescription and prednisone. Eventually we weaned her from the prednisone and started her on fresh cooked food. She also developed diabetes requiring insulin injections twice a day. We were then in the process of cooking fresh food.

Pooh and Mozart became best friends. Mozart was a fan of ground beef. We cooked lean ground beef and rice or white potato.

Then Mozart became very lethargic. The vets found nothing wrong. We insisted on x-rays. Nothing was found. Finally, a specialist found testicular cancer as the problem. No one could save him now. Our brave little boy passed quickly on 08-22-05.


Pooh developed cataracts from the diabetes. Surgery was required for both eyes. We loved those big brown eyes of hers.
Pooh, alone now. Pooh is thriving on homemade ground turkey or cubed chicken breast and rice combo.

No, this is not the end.

So, off to the pet store again, we found Sophie, a 4 month old Cairn Terrier, a real sweetie.

Sophie came to us with problems. We took her to the vet, she too, has low blood platelets and a liver disease! She did not like any food the doctor sold us. Sophie will not eat, and will die. Sophie took a few rounds of prednisone and a prescription for her liver. None of this cured her.

I located Dr. Dodds a holistic veterinarian. She placed Sophie on a special cooked White Fish and Sweet Potato Diet and suspended the medicine. I thought, are you kidding me?? To our surprise and our old veterinarian's surprise, Sophie thrived and loved her food for the first time ever! Her platelet count increased and the liver disease disappeared! We cannot thank Dr. Dodds enough. Sophie is now healthy and can eat all the dishes we prepare for our dog children.

Pooh Passing


On November 8, 2011 Pooh left us. With all the diabetes issues she had the last year it took a toll on her, her kidneys failed her and she did not have any more fight left in her. Her passing was a blessing as she was not her self the last couple months. In the last year she developed a heart murmer and was on medication for her enlarged heart and what a heart she had, loveable and always the sweet baby to everyone. She now will be with Katie her sister and Mozart her brother and will be able to play with Katie like they use to do all the time. After play time with Katie she will snuggle next to Mozart and relax. They were inseperable then and they will all be together now.

CharleyOn January 8, 2012 I adopted Charley a Border Collie puppy, what a turn of events, I always wanted another Border. He came from a family that said they could not handle him, he was too much for them as a Border can be. They are full of energy and I have the love and ability to be a good parent. My concern was with Sophie who is very dog aggressive. The first 4-5 days Sophie did not want anything to do with Charley but a miracle happened the next day. Charley took off running as usual in the back yard and Sophie took off after him and I didn't know if she was trying to attack or play. As it turned out she wanted to play with him and that was a relief. For the next week Sophie was initiating the play time, I was elated to say the least. Then on Sunday the 22nd., Charley had grand mal seizures, I was very concerned and sad. She had 5 during the day and I took her to the hospital and they ran tests and said he had cluster seizures thru the night and was difficult to control. I picked Charley up Monday morning and took him to my regular vet and she looked him over and put him on more meds. Charley was totally out of it and could not see and was crying all day Monday. On Tuesday he had another cluster of seizures and ICharley and Sophie could not control them so I brought him in again to my vet. He had more and the meds and injections were not helping. His quality of life was terrible and he would never recuperate from these episodes. The decision was to let him go. I cried again and it was very difficult as I had just lost Pooh. My heart was broken now for sure. I only had him 2 weeks but fell in love with him. His ashes will be placed along with Katie, Mozart and Pooh's. The only positive thing was how Sophie reacted to having another pet in the house. She is a little calmer at the markets with me now and that is good. Charley did have a good two weeks before he passed. He was not cared for with his previous owner. I think they knew of his issues and did not want to be bothered. I will wait a little before getting another pal for Sophie, I cannot take the heartbreak and expenses this soon.

We made mistakes along the way, but vow to give our pet children the best homemade food possible. We have been cooking for our beloved pets since 2003. We don't have to wonder what horrible toxins are in the food and what disastrous end it will bring to our pets.

Now I want to extend our dishes to your Pet children
so that they may eat natural food and thrive.

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